Social Enterprise Center

This Center is Home to Community Builders, Fleurish, Canopy Coworking and more. It is an inspiring space filled with some of our communities top problem solvers and innovators!

  • Start Date: Jan, 2020
  • Completion Date: August 2020
  • Project Type: Coworking Space

About this Project

The Challenge:

There were 2 main challenges in this reno. One was Covid-19 but despite a few delays we were able to complete the job safely and just over the original predicted timeframe.
The other challenge was cutting out all the trusses from the inside and replacing them with engineered beams to raise the 7’ head height to a 16’ cathedral ceiling that made the space both functional and stunning!


  • During the most recent renovation this project provided over 300 training hours. 

When approached by Brandon Day to partner on this project, it was an easy YES!  The CB team took my scribbles on floor plans and my 11 years experience in managing these types of spaces and turned them into a beautiful reality!

Being a huge proponent of coworking, my focus was always on downtown spaces.  But being an avid nature lover the idea of coworking in the woods (or nearby) was inspiring!  We had to do this.

The workmanship, attention to detail, and finishing touches all show just how talented this team is.  Huge thanks to Emily Day for help with decor and colour palettes! 

 ~ Chad Ballantyne


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