Second Suites

Extra income & help our region

Community Builders has created a turn key solution to affordable housing

Community Builders has created a turn key solution to affordable housing.

Community Builders and Redwood Park Communities have partnered together to launch a new housing initiative to provide safe and affordable housing for low-income individuals and families by installing second suites in the homes of proactive property owners like you.

With an affordable housing crisis across our county we are looking to homeowners like you to be part of the solution.

Do you have an empty unfinished basement? Kids gone off to school? Looking to downsize without moving? Or could you use some community or extra income?…If you’re saying “YES!” to any of those questions please fill out our questionnaire and we would be happy to get in touch with you!


Let us build you a quality legal second suite that you and your tenants can be proud of. We pride ourselves in being on time and on budget, leaving you with a beautiful and ready to rent suite.

Community Builders has built over 13 second suites and knows the value of our service to homeowners. Our goal is to provide a hassle free, streamlined process that takes you through grant options, design, permit, and build. We even offer property and tenant management through our partner Redwood Park Communities.


Benefits of Second Suites

To YOU (The Property Owner)

  • Opportunity to be a part of the solution to the lack of affordable housing
  • Additional rental income
  • Ability to downsize without moving
  • Potential tax deductions under the Income Tax Act
  • Increased property value
  • Increased mortgage financing and/or the ability to pay down mortgage faster
  • Potential for more funding by contracting with us rather than independently
  • Landlords are walked through the process step-be-step and free from the paperwork and property management duties.


  • Increases affordable housing stock by contributing to the City of Barrie’s plan to create 840 new affordable housing units and Simcoe County’s goal of 2685 units, by 2024.
  • Decreases the wait times for affordable housing for those who need it.
  • More individuals and families can afford housing and avoid homelessness.
  • More families out of shelters and into housing.
  • More low-income individuals and families living in safe housing that they can afford improves the health and well-being of our community and society as a whole.

How Does It Work?

Fill out the questionnaire

Meet with Our Team

Meet with Community Builders to discuss details like ​timelines and cost estimates.

File the Paperwork

Community Builders will complete the necessary permits ​(Zoning Compliance Certificate,​Building Permit, Registration Certificate) on your behalf (after authorization).

Apply for Funding

Community Builders will direct you to the correct contacts at the County of Simcoe to determine eligibility for forgivable loans, grants, etc.


Community Builders will construct the suite and schedule all necessary inspections.

Being a Landlord

​Finding an Occupant

 If you choose to work with Redwood once you have received occupancy in your Second Suite, your tenant is Redwood Park Communities, whose coordinators will assign pre-screened occupants to your suite and consistently keep it occupied.


If Something Goes Wrong

Community Builders will repair any damages (above and beyond normal wear and tear) caused by the occupant at no additional cost to you.



Redwood Park Communities will make the rent payments to you with automatic direct deposits, in an amount decided upon between you and Redwood Park Communities.


Maintain a safe and healthy environment for your occupants (assistance will be provided where needed).

Personal Involvement

Since all transactions are done through Redwood Park Communities, you can be as involved with your occupant as you see fit, based on your own comfort level.

Second Suites Contact Form

  • A Second Suite is a legal, self-contained rental unit within a single dwelling house, typically as a basement apartment but can be installed on any floor of the house or in a converted detached garage. These apartments have their own entrance, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Second Suites provide tenants with affordable rental options in neighbourhood settings, while also generating rental income for homeowners.
  • Once the apartment is created, the space can then be rented out to Redwood Park Communities who will pay rent to the homeowner directly.

Second Suites Contact Form

  • Did you know the average Second Suite costs $80,000? Simcoe County is offering $30,000 as a 15 year forgivable loan for those who qualify, to help create affordable housing.
  • Timeline

    Did you know the average timeline for creating a second suite is 6 months? This begins from first point of contact starting with the potential funding application through the permit process and construction, to the City Registration of your second suite.

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