Training and Employment

Construction Trainee Program (CTP)

Community Builders Construction Trainee Program is connecting the people who most need the work with the work that most needs to be done.

We offer a 16 week paid program for people with barriers to employment that is designed as a pre-employment training and focuses on giving its participants the tools they need to succeed. They are taught employment readiness skills, life skills and most importantly get real on the job construction training in a supportive and supervised environment. Most of the work they will do is in creating and maintaining affordable and social housing.

Trainees will receive a personal case manager who will work WITH them to create an individualized employment plan and pathways that will lead them to a prosperous career in the trades of their interest. The case manager can also help to identify and support them through any barriers that could hinder their training or employment such as transportation, mental health, housing or food security.

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Community Builders CTP, 16 week paid training program, real on the Job construction training! Apply today!

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